1991 Nissan Skyline GTR

The R32 is nothing if not famous, being one of the most coveted cars didn’t come easily, Nissan put a massive amount of work into making it the rocket it is. Lovingly dubbed “Godzilla,” by Australian press after the R32 decimated 4 Group A championships down-under. Between a multitude of races won and its inclusion in the Gran Turismo video game series the Skyline GT-R is a racing icon around the world.
Growing up Nickolas Alarcon played plenty Gran Turismo, leading to the purchase of his 1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R while stationed in Japan with the Air Force. Hailing from Pembroke Pines, Florida Nickolas joined the military in 2002 after he decided college wasn’t for him. He met his wife of over 6 years while over seas and they have a 2 year old daughter together. He got into cars originally while playing racing video games, he says, “It was such a blast to modify car’s and see how fast you could make them go.” While in Tokyo Nickolas was overwhelmed by the amount of awesome cars that we didn’t have here in the states. At first he had his eyes set on buying a 22b STI Impreza but a price tag of $40,000 put a stop to that real quick. When he nabbed his R32 you could find them as low as $7000, they have easily gone up to $25-$30k since then.

As far as modifications Nickolas has kept everything very tasteful and clean. Lowered just a tad on Vertex Coilovers, and stiffened up a bit with Ikeya Formula lower control arms. 18 inch WORK CR Kiwami wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes keep this all-wheel-drive monster stuck to the pavement. On the outside Top Secret aero covers the front lip, front defuser and hood. Carbon fiber front fenders, and a Fujimura Auto Rocket Dancer spoiler tie everything together. For the interior Nickolas swapped in dome R33 front seats and installed a MOMO GTR2 steering wheel, the audio system has a Pioneer deck pumping tunes into a full gambit of Infinity speakers. The heart of the R32 also known as the RB26DETT has been juiced up a little. Tuned in Japan by JUN Machine Shop, with R35 injectors and MAF sensor. A Spitfire coil pack tells the spark plugs when to do their magic. Twin HKS GTSS turbos force air for all those ponies. The intake is also HKS with their Super Power Flow air intake system that leads to an R34 downpipes into a Tanabe 3 inch Exhaust.

Nickolas says his favorite memory with the car was when he picked it up in California at the port and being able to drive it in his home country. If you are looking you can usually find him eating Thai food or cruising the highways through Red Rock and Valley of Fire. I mean who wouldn’t love to take a Skyline through the twisties?

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