1987 Toyota Supra MK3

When you hear the words Toyota Supra together you already get excited because you know whatever is coming next is going to be awesome! That is true when you check out Adrian Lomeli’s 1987 Toyota Supra! His car is rocking a 3.0L 7M-GTE with a 5 speed transmission R154 behind it.

Adrian is originally from El Paso, TX but is currently living in Las Vegas and working as a Model, Actor, Ballroom and Latin Dance Instructor/Choreographer. The Supra was actually Adrian’s first car he got 11 years ago while living in Texas. His brother had blew the engine in it racing and he asked Adrian if he wanted the car and he said HECK YES! Adrian paid to have a new engine put in. It wasn’t always his dream car but after seeing what it could turn into it quickly became his dream car He said he has always had an admiration towards custom vehicles. He loves art and he thinks of cars as a canvas on 4 wheels. Adrian said “People’s imagination come to life to show their work to other car enthusiasts and even awaken those desires hidden in others.” The Supra recently stayed with Adrian’s brother who did a lot of the work on the car before sending it to Vegas to it’s home with Adrian. Since it was his first car he has tons of memories with the car. Adrian told us about a time when he did a rolling burnout from 1st to 3rd gear and spun the car out about 2 and a half rotations backing into a fence. He tried to start the car and it wouldn’t start. The owner of the property was sitting on his porch and saw the whole thing! Adrian was only 16 with no license or insurance. The man’s wife wanted to call the cops but Adrian’s brother offered to fix the fence if they did not call the cops and they ended up agreeing. Talk about dodging bullets!

The car came back into Adrian’s life recently after moving it down to Vegas with him. The only goal he has left is to have it running strong with no issues. His vision continues to be to build a car with a clean 7M-GTE. There is still so much more to do Adrian tells us. The biggest setback is just funds. As most of us know that is usually a huge factor in the modification game. Adrian plans to spread the build across the years as he has time and funds. It is sitting pretty already so I can’t wait to see what Adrian does with the car in the future. We asked him what his favorite part is on the car and he told us the paint job and the sunrise painted under the hood are his favorite parts of the build.

It was refreshing to see someone showing so much love to an MK3 Supra and we are stoked we had the opportunity to check it out. You can catch Adrian running around Vegas at the local car meets, enjoying some sushi or exploring all the art and wilderness Vegas offers.

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