Red Car Show 219


Lugnut’s Red Car Show and Garage Sale is a special type of show. We stumbled across this show last year and we made plans to attend again in 2019 right away! There is a sea of red classic cars and trucks that come out to show off at the show held at Nostalgia Street Rods. Unfortunately this year the original date got rained out and they had to reschedule. This messed up some peoples plans that would be coming from out of town. That is just a reminder that sometimes the weather is unpredictable that far in the future. They were quick to set a make up date and the show did not disappoint.

Don’t let the name deter you, if you have a non red classic you want to enter they had a two tone and non red section this year to accommodate although a majority of the cars are red. All the proceeds from this show were donated to Teen Challenge.

The car show also has a garage sale going on at the same time so if you set up a spot you can sell your old parts to someone who may need them and if you are in the market you can browse around while checking out cool cars. As we were walking around they announced on the speaker that the Nostalgia Street Rod’s Museum was open to the public at no charge so we went to check that out also. They have a ton of iconic classic cars indoors including a Zamboni, a giant wheelchair car, and so much more.

This is just one of those shows you have to go check out for yourself. It is a nice relaxing scene of red.